How to Change your Mobile Logo in Oxwall 1.6

Last updated on May 6th, 2018 at 09:39 am

As you are well aware of, Oxwall 1.6 is out with the long-awaited mobile feature pretty much in the basic stages. Our developers are still exploring the features of this new platform and experimenting with some custom mods. Custom join page mod v.1.6 and fix for plugin/theme update error has also been released.

The new mobile platform integrated in Oxwall 1.6, though a good starting point for future development, lack some essential features such as forum, blogs, events and a whole bunch of things your users might want on their mobile.

Notable, a link to upload your custom logo from the admin dashboard is also missing. Most Oxwall theme will append Oxwall logo as your website logo when accessed from a mobile device or the mobile link is clicked. Quite embarrassing, right? Let’s change that.

To change your mobile logo, simply create an image with .png extension and save it with the name logo.

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Here is the awesome bit

From your FTP client on cPanel, navigate to /ow_themes in your Oxwall installation folder. Open the mobile folder and further launch the images folder. Upload your logo to this directory. Click yes if you are prompted to replace the existing logo. Finally, clear your cache and you are good to go.
Important: Your logo directory should look like this /ow_themes/origin/mobile/images where origin is your theme name.

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