How to Add a fixed background image to oxwall join page.

Just recently I published an article on How To Customize Your Oxwall Join Page (Facebook Look) not surprisingly, the article has received a lot of attention, and I received some of your mails asking me how to place a background image on the join page, that’s why I decided to take to my blog once again.

With a few clicks and steps we can setup a decent fixed background image for your oxwall join page with a simple CSS code.

CSS Style

Include this code in your base.css or simply copy and paste in your custom css from your admin dashboard.

Replace YOUR_BACKGROUND.JPG with your image url.

Implementing your Background Image

You will need to login to your cpanel/ftp client.

  • In join_index.html ( ow_system_plugins/base/views/controllers) find {block_decorator} and paste the following code just above/before it.

<div class=’ewt_join’>

  • then find {/if}

{/block_decorator} and add the following code just after/below it.


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  • Save your code and enjoy!

Note: You must enable dev_mod before your changes takes effect.

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