How to Add Attribution Links to Texts Copied from your Website/Blog

The world is changing rapidly, don’t let your pains-taking articles go without credits. What am about to introduce to you are mostly used by cooperate news websites like ehow and the likes. This widget is a free service provided by tynt, it automatically add a credit (attribution) links to any text that is copied from your blog or website, it works on blogger, wordpress and websites.

Why is important to use the tynt widget? If you added the floating Social or social media button we earlier discussed in our forum then I suppose many people will be bookmarking or sharing your post using this button. Now when someone shares your article via email our any of the sharing options it automatically add your link at the bottom of the post. Like me, you might be wondering how you can acquire the services of this great widget in your blogger blog, wordpress blog or website. No need to hurry, listen and let me brief you on what you really need to know about this widget.

Important: If you are running a tutorial blog and share a lot of codes, it is potentially recommended that you do not add this to your blog as it will automatically and some texts to the code you are sharing.

Install Tynt on your site

Here we go, follow the simple steps below to install this feature on your blogger blog, wordpress blog and website.
  1. Sign up at tynt
  2. Submit your Email and in the Domain field submit your website address without adding http:// and the back slash (/) at the end of URL. Your link should look as follows:
e.g: If you are using a sub-domain your link should like this:
    If you are using a full domain then your link should look like this:
     3.  Accept the privacy agreement and hit Submit
     4. Now you will be provided with a code. Do not copy it and first Click the customize Script button just below that code
customize script
  5. Then click the customize attribution button on next page
  6. You can now customize what text to display and what to hide. If you wish you can only display the read more link and disable  Attribution and social profile links by keeping their fields empty.
Submit your twitter and Facebook usernames if you would like to show them below copied text.
You can also decide whether to display the article URL or Page Title or both. Set URL to canonical. Set placement to “below the copied text” for better chances of being ignored by the copier.
See the screenshot below for settings:
     7.   Click Save and then press Done

      8.  Copy the code and go to your Blog (blogger or WordPress). Inside your template search for the closing head tag


Paste the tynt script just above this tag.

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Tip: Blogger users may go to Template > Edit HTML > Proceed and then search the tag.
Tip: Wordpress users will find the head tag by going to Appearance > Editor > header.php
       10.  Save your template and you are all done!
Visit your blog and copy a snippet of any text you like and then paste it anywhere to see the attribution links working just fine.

Track Reader Engagement

By going to your Homepage at tynt account, you will see 4 options to track the text being copied.
  1. SEO:
  2. Keywords: This is where you will see which keywords are copied the most
  3. Content
  4. Social
You play around with these options to take maximum benefit out of this free tool.

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