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Last updated on May 5th, 2018 at 09:50 pm

One of the biggest concerns for website owners is finding affordable and reliable hosting for their sites. In most cases, even trusted and so called ‘big names’ has been found wanting with the issues of downtime and resource usage. Host1Plus is here to tackle some of the issues of web hosting – at least that’s their promise.

When we heard about Host1Plus, we wanted to know if they are exactly who they say they are, so we went ahead and secured a three months VPS hosting account. Then we downloaded the Oxwall software, and even though at first we had issues installing it on the VPS server the support was great and in less than an hour, our software was up and running.

We tested the platform for reliability by intentionally generating means to consume more resources than necessary: for the curious mind, we installed Auto Blog and YouTube posters – both plugins consuming significant amount of resources on their own. Next, we configured the Auto Blog poster to post 1000 blogs every day and YouTube poster to post 100 videos every day. Indeed, this is a resource consuming strategy, but our system did not suffer a moment of downtime throughout the 90-days testing period.

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We have also tested the platform with both WordPress and Oxwall – both running simultaneously without downtime. In a nutshell, if you are facing regular downtime, slow website load time or you simply want to go with a reliable hosting company, Host1Plus might be your answer – but it comes with a price.
Indeed, the good things in life do not come cheap – but affordable. Compared to offers from other hosting companies, one might argue that Host1Plus is expensive, but compared to the quality services it renders and their great support, you will realize that $2.50/month is only but a token paid for reliability.

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