Extended Footer Widget for Website/Blogs

I was stumbling the web when I suddenly came across a forum post asking for help on how to create an extra footer section where he/she can feature some of the website contents. I quickly responded to this forum post with some tips on how to achieve such but the user rudely told me that my tips didn’t work.
So I decided to get to work, with the help of the ewt developers page, I was able to apply the tips and not only did it work, it proved to be the perfect resting place for our crazy twitter bird on the demo page.

The extended footer widget can be used to add some highlighted or featured information such as: Contact information, Goals, Services, About etc to your footer section. The extended footer can also be used to add useful links to the footer section, just remember to make use of your anchor tag properly.

Looks taggy right? Well, that’s the idea. I needed to come up with something urgent but the result was too nice for just one user, that’s why I’m publishing it here. I hope you try and use it effectively.

Adding Extended Footer Widget to Website & Blogs

Adding this widget by default, shouldn’t take a longer time than the one I took to compose the heading for this blog post. Just make sure not to tamper with the code while trying to edit the css or html contents.

Having this warning at the back of your mind, proceed to your webpage and add the code below just above your regular footer div. If you are using a CMS make sure to add a new Custom text/HTML or HTML/Javascript widget just above the footer section and copy the entire code below into the widget.

 Make the Following Changes

  • Of-course, you will need to replace Your Something Box Title & Your Something box contents goes here! with the appropriate texts
  • Change this color #F90 to suit your taste or website color. Use the color generator tool to generate colors.
  • Change background-color: #fff to background-color: transparent if you want to use your website background color in place of white. To change the color, simply change #fff to your desired color.
  • Here is the background image http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-IMtYc5C0B_g/Uiz886FMrwI/AAAAAAAADDE/A9tMlj6vwb0/s1600/ewt_footer.png change it, if you so desire.

Finally, save your changes and click a few buttons around here. Also check out the comment section to see how you can assist someone else.

Thanks for visiting and happy sharing!

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