Top 10 Oxwall Themes in 2013 – Best Themes of the Year

It was a very good year – 2013 has been quite a year, and now is only but history. Time for us to round up every Oxwall theme that came out in the last 12 months, stick them all in a Colosseum, and have them battle it out for Oxwall Theme of the Year honors.

Or rather, time for EWT staff to have long, heated debates about why one theme deserves a spot on the list instead of someone else’s favorite. Discussions have gotten tense at times, but we’ve emerged with minimal injuries—and our final list.

The qualifications for contention: The theme must have unique and unprecedented features, bugs-free and fully customize-able.

Let’s see who made the list, shall we?

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10. Liquid – Responsive Theme –Download

Made up of basic Oxwall themes layouts, Liquid Responsive Oxwall theme solved the initial need of mobile functionality in the Oxwall platform and it’s responsible structure was enough to guarantee it a place in our bottom list. The theme is currently sold at $11.99, I however, reserve my thought regarding the price tag after the release of Oxwall 1.6 (with mobile platform) on the 8th of this month.

9. Google Plus Go –Download

Built with an entirely different concept from the regular Oxwall basic themes, Google Plus Go seems to benefit from the impression created by Revolution theme: featuring fixed console bar and vertical navigation bar. Unlike revolution, the theme menus are more like those of Google+ and also has a right sidebar, a feature which was not available in the Revolution Oxwall theme.

8. Nightclubbing –Download

Ignore the name, this theme will rock on a gaming site. An easily customize-able Oxwall theme that fit into any nocturnal-like activity site.
If you are thinking of setting up a casino site, gaming or clubbing site on the Oxwall platform, this theme is for you.

7. Venus –Download

For me, this is the only dating theme in the Oxwall store. And it’s a steal it only goes for only $9.99. Some of it’s features include: Dark background, header image and right sidebar.

6. OrangeOF –Download

One of the leading contenders for the ‘most expensive’ Oxwall theme in the store ($25 at the time this article was published), OrangeOF is worth every penny, introducing dropdown tabber nav and unique console bar.

5. Lifestyle –Download

This is Revolution Oxwall theme with improved buttons and layout. More improvements was also made to the chat box and page structures.

4. Roxbook – Responsive Theme –Download

This theme earned my admiration as one of the only 3 responsive themes in the Oxwall store. Unlike the Liquid Responsive Theme, Roxbook was built using the Revolution theme concept which is more advance and elegant in appearance.

3. You Book ( Real community ) –Download

Like every other modern theme in the store, You Book (Real Community) Oxwall Theme was built on the Revolution Oxwall Theme ideaology. However, it is unfair not to consider it’s own unprecedented features such as: Image in join page and picture in sign-in page. $12.99 may be on the high side but if you do run a school/students social network, a theme like this might come handy.

2. Facebook Timestyle –Download

For those of you who are up against Mark Zuckerberg maybe it’s time you ditch Facebook Theme and look on the brighter side. This theme is one of it’s kind in the Oxwall store. You are gauranteed to have the exact copy of facebook, inluding: two columns newsfeed, fixed header, inline navigation bar and the new facebook graph. The theme is sold for $9.99 which I think is worth more than the price tag.

EWTNET #1 Theme of the Year: Revolution –Download

Revolution Oxwall Theme is arguably the foundation at which new generation Oxwall themes are built. The free Oxwall theme is the first and best of it’s kind; since it’s release on the 1 February, 2013 the theme has been downloaded over 4,142 times making it the most downloaded Oxwall theme of the year as well. Earlier, we have published a review about Revolution Oxwall Theme and also gave detailed instructions on  how to use it effectively.

Honorable Mention

The Oxwall themes mentioned in this section could have easily been mentioned above if only they had that ‘extra’ feature. We will still acnkoledge them for the role they played in 2013.

1. Ribbon – Responsive –Download

One of the 3 responsive themes in the Oxwall store.

2. OWD Greyz –Download

Suitable for creating a music forum or celebrity network.

3. Minimalistic – Dark –Download

Dark Oxwall theme with minimalistic design.

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