Add Adsense Code Within Oxwall Forum Topics (With Cute Sharing Buttons).

Maximize your Adsense revenue by implementing your Adsense code within your Oxwall forum post. Many Oxwall users have been limited to using the crappy advertisement plugin from the Oxwall store for their advert including using them on forum section but has found it rather impossible to place choose a custom position for their ad (e.g. implement ads within forum topics.).

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how you can place your ads just within your Oxwall forum posts, after implementing this code monitor your ads click and impressions and compare them to what you use to have before, share your testimonies with others in our comment section.

Due to the regular Oxwall updates, this post may be subject to changes from time to time so we do advice that you, bookmark and check this post after every Oxwall plugins updates.

Below are a few step by step tutorial that will guide you through the implementation of this code and should you encounter any problem while installing this code do not hesitate to ask your question in our comment section.

Step 1: Header Section.

  • Login to your admin dashboard (
  • Click on mouseover on settings and click on main settings
  • Click on page settings

  • Copy the following code and paste in the custom head section

  • Click save.
Now login to your cpanel or use your ftp client, locate the following file /ow_plugins/forum/views/controllers/topic_index.html (make sure to enable dev_mod so that your changes will take effect.) replace the entire content with the following code.
Save your changes and clear your cache for your changes to go live. 

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