My O’ deal: Dealing With Nature

Last updated on May 5th, 2018 at 02:42 pm

Have are you ever been in a situation where you will have to face something you have no control over? Or watched something you never wished to happen, happening right before your face?

A man with facial beards.

Well, such is my present situation: I HAVE GROWN FACIAL BEARDS! ☻. Growing one isn’t exactly what I’d hope for, but it is happening and I just have to live with it.

How did this Happen?

This is a question I’m still asking myself, which I guess have no psychological explanation. However, science and nature do have some explanation for us.
In my brief research on why men grow facial beards, I came across this information by CCMR and it says: “The occurrence of male facial hair, like any physical trait or behavior, may be explained from four different, complementary perspectives or “levels of analysis.” Two provide “proximate” (immediate cause) explanations, and the other two provide “ultimate” (long-term cause) explanations. Proximate explanations describe developmental programs and physiological mechanisms, whereas ultimate explanations focus on how traits affect survival and reproduction, and their probable evolutionary history.
Let’s consider your question from all four perspectives. Regarding development, male facial hair sprouts at puberty (sexual maturity), coincident with emergence of a suite of “adult” characteristics, such as increases in height and deepening of the voice. Regarding mechanism, appearance of facial hair, and the other signs of maturity, are attributable to the stimulatory effects of male hormones, particularly testosterone.
Regarding evolutionary history, varying amounts of facial hair occurs in all primates (our closest relatives), and its quantity and quality differ between the sexes in many species. This implies that sexual dimorphisms in facial hair have characterized our evolutionary lineage for millions of years.”

Essence of Facial Beards

What about the functions of facial hair? Further research revealed that facial beard “is not necessary for survival or reproduction, since it does not occur in most women and it is minimal or absent among men in many populations. Such variations seem unrelated to climate or ecology.
Most likely, facial hair functions in “sexual selection,” meaning attracting mates or intimidating rivals. For example, a beard’s color and texture are known to influence womens’ perceptions of a man’s age, social status, and general vigor. A bushy beard also may make a man appear larger, cushion his face against blows in a fight, and hide scars from previous altercations.”

Coping with Nature

Men in our generation no longer consider facial beards or hairs a commodity worth holding to: In most communities, men often shave the beards completely, others simply make out craft out of it. How to deal with it is simply up to you.

While holding your personal hygiene in good position you also need to consider your physical appearance; of course, it goes without saying that ‘beauty brings attraction, personality brings interest’. Just how comfortable will you feel when kids run away in the sight of your coming? Finally, avoid after shave bumps, no one likes it. Here is a complete step to step guide on how to shave your facial beards (Watch video below).

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Whether you’re ready to have your first shave, or you’ve been shaving for years but aren’t sure if you’re doing it correctly, doing your homework and following these steps (video above) will help you get a great, clean and close shave.

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